Copy an employment history record

You can copy and employment history record. The software recommends you do this (but you do not have to) when an employee’s salary changes, or when an employee’s terms and conditions change (such as an increase or decrease in weekly hours) that cause a change in salary. By setting up a new, updated record, you maintain a history of the key changes to an employee’s employment.

To copy an employment history record:

  1. Search for and select an employee.
  2. Click HR Record > Employment > Employment History.
  3. Select the employment history record you want to copy.
  4. Click Edit. The Employment History window is displayed.
  5. Click Copy. A message is displayed, which asks you if you want to copy the record.
  6. Click OK to copy the record. A message confirms the record is created successfully.
  7. Click Close to close the Employment History window. The Employment History window lists the new employment history record, and it has a Proposed status.

You should edit the original record, and set an end date and change the status of the record to Historical. You should then edit the Proposed record, change its status to the status of the original record (Primary Active if it is the employee’s main or only activity, or Active if it is not the main activity) and set a start date.

If the employee is on a salary grade and scale, you must re-establish the salary and update the salary history records. For information about how to re-establish the salary for one employee on a grade and scale, click here. If the employee is not on a salary grade and scale, you must enter the new salary. For information about how to establish the salary for an employee who is not on a grade and scale, click here.

If the employee is entitled to a holiday allowance, click Holiday to run the Holiday Allowance wizard to create a holiday allowance record for the new employment history record.