Use this tab to define how some fields within the Personnel and Staff Development modules behave.

Standard: Weeks per Year

Type the number of weeks that an employee on a full-time contract works in a normal year. This value is used as a default when you create a whole time equivalent based on a Weeks Per Year value.

Standard: Hours Per Day

Type the number of hours per day.

NON Working Days

Click and use the Maintain NON Working Days window to define the bank holidays for the current year.  Features such as contracts are not be booked on these dates. The system’s default working pattern for everybody is Monday – Friday, except for bank holidays.

OR Use default Working Pattern

If you do not want to use the system’s default working pattern, select an alternative default working pattern from the drop-down list. The working patterns displayed in the list are those you set up by using Personnel > Terms and Conditions > Working Pattern. You can use them to assign different working patterns to employees. If you do not assign a working pattern to an employee, the system uses the alternative default working pattern you select in this field; if you do not select an alternative working pattern, the system uses its default working pattern (Monday – Friday, except bank holidays).

Accident Recording Student Link

F2508 Location

Use Personal Email Address

Delete Training Needs for Leavers

Select this check box if you want to delete training needs from the system for those employees who are recorded as leavers. You can indicate that an employee has left your organization by using the Leavers function (HR Record > Leavers) to set a leaving date. If this check box is clear, any training needs later than employees’ leave dates are retained in the software.

Staff Development Budget Year

Type the year (in the format dd/mm/yy) that is used as the default when you create training events by using the Staff Development module. You should change this default each year.

If you do not use the Staff Development module, leave this field blank.

Staff Development Attendance

If you select this check box, additional information regarding employees’ payment for training can be captured within the Training Events option. Select this check box if staff are paid to attend staff development courses. Use Default Event Payroll Code to specify the default payment code for payments for courses that employees are paid to attend.

Default Event Payroll Code

Select the default payroll code to assign any staff development payment associated with a training event.

Use Alternate Row Colours

Select this check box to use alternative colours for rows of data displayed in workbenches and grids throughout the software.

Default Attachments Path

Type the location of the folder the system uses as a default for document attachments.

For example:


After you set the this location, when you click HR Record for a selected employee, and then click Attach under Notes. Click New to attach a new document, the Open window defaults to the location you set.