Mark employee as suspended

Create a new Workflow Action to mark the employee as suspended, as the certificate hasn’t been returned and following the suspension letter.

Select New from the Workflow, Actions list.


Enter the following Action details.


Enter something explanatory like “Mark employee as suspended”.

Action Type

Change Details.


The details we’ll need to change are in the HR Record table.

Performed By

We want this Workflow Action to be performed Automatically.

Action Date

The Workflow Action should be performed when triggered, so select Today, or leave the field empty which has the same effect as selecting Today.

Change Details


We want to change the employees Status to Suspended.

Ensure that you can see the list of fields by clicking Fields.

Click the HR Record Status (STATUS_ID) and then < , which transfers the field details to the left hand side of the screen.

Double click the Suspended value.  The New Value will be set to S (for Suspended).

Select Save.

You will be asked “Do you want to create a Work Flow Process for this Action”.  As we have multiple actions within this process, we’ll select No and create the Work Flow Process later.

Select Close.

You’ll see the Action that you created in the list.

Next Step