Use this tab to automatically set up payroll elements as recurring, fixed payments for the payroll. The payroll elements you set up are displayed in an employee’s HR record, in HR Record > Payroll Details > Fixed Payments/Deductions. Fixed payments and deductions are placed in the working file, which shows the payroll transactions for the current pay period. If you use the Recruitment module to recruit and appoint new employees, this means a new employee can be automatically set up in the payroll when the system creates a new employee record for the candidate you appoint.

Click New to set up a fixed payroll element, or click Edit to edit the assignment details for the selected payroll element, or click View to view the assignment details for the selected payroll element. The Allowances window is displayed.

Click Delete to delete the assignment details for the selected payroll element.

For information about how to set up the fixed payroll elements, refer to Set up fixed payments/deductions as allowances in an activity.

NOTE: if you do not use the Payroll module, and only use Personnel, you can use use the Description and other fields on the Allowances window to record the allowances. However, the primary purpose of this tab is to enable you to automatically set up recurring, fixed payroll elements in the payroll.