Select Employee

Use this window to select the employee whose details you want to view or maintain. You can use extensive search criteria to find and retrieve employee records.

There are four tabs, with a number of selection fields you can use to find the correct record. For example, if you enter a single department code and click Find, a list of all employees in that department are displayed. If you enter a surname and click Find, the grid displays a list of employees with matching names.

If you leave the selection fields blank and click Find, all the employee records are displayed in the grid. For a quick search, you can use Fast Find instead of Find. When you use Fast Find, you cannot configure the list of fields displayed in the search results in the grid.

Selection Fields

The selection fields are displayed on four tabs. Complete the information in the fields and click Find to list all employees that match your search criteria.

You can enter the employee reference of the employee record you want to retrieve. When you press the TAB key to move the cursor to the next field, the system searches for the employee record and either the employee’s Known As field is filled, or a message is displayed to indicate the employee record was not found. If the employee record is found, click Select to access the employee’s data.

Tab 1 enables you to enter the employee’s employee reference, surname, forenames, and Known As information.

Tab 2 enables you to specify NI Details Combined, Other Reference, and HR Record Status.

Tab 3 enables you to select the employee’s contract type, employment type, and employment status from the lookup lists.

Tab 4 enables you to select the employee’s Department, Activity and Line Manager from the lookup lists. After you enter information on any of these tabs, click Find to produce a list of all employees who meet your search criteria. If only a partial value is known, all employees who match the criteria are displayed. For example, the entry of Kane into the Surname field, displays employees with a surname of O’Kane.

When you highlight a record in the grid, the full HR card is displayed in the right pane. Use the scroll bar to view all the details. Double-click the HR card pane to print the HR card details.


Click Find to display the search results. The employees who match your search criteria are displayed in the grid.


Click Select to select the highlighted employee record displayed in the grid. You can then view and maintain the employee’s data.

+ or –

Clicking + or – only has an effect when a grid of information is displayed and after you drag a heading into the group by box. In this case, you can click + and to cause the grouped data to be shown in total by group, or in individual lines. For more information about grouping and arranging data in a grid, refer to Rearranging data in the grid.


Click Edit to amend the list of fields shown in the grid (when you click Find) or in the HR card. The list of fields you can amend depends on whether Card or Grid is selected. It is recommended you use Edit to cut down the number of fields displayed to a manageable amount.

Edit is not available to edit fields displayed in the grid when you click Fast Find. This is because Fast Find is designed to provide a quick search and you cannot change the result details in the fields listed in the grid.

For information about selecting fields and applying filters, refer to the topics Selecting Fields for Report and Adding Filters to Report.

If you click Edit when Card is selected, you are given the option to amend the sequence in which the HR card fields are displayed.


Click Print to print the details currently displayed in the grid.


Click Save to store the current grid settings. The details stored will be the sequence of fields, grouping, and data sequence.


Select Card to change the fields listed in the HR card. When this is selected, you can click Edit to select the fields you want to display in the HR card.


Select Grid to change the fields listed in the grid when you use Find. (You cannot edit the list of fields displayed when you use Fast Find.) When this is selected, you can click Edit to select the fields you want to display in the grid.


Click Copy to place the home address of the selected employee onto the clipboard to use it in third-party applications.