Use this tab to define the behaviour of the personnel aspects of the software.


Type the location of employees’ photographs.

Retirement Ages

Female, Male

Type the ages at which females and males employed by the organization are expected to retire. A retirement date for each employee is generated based on their date of birth, their gender, and the value held in these parameters.

Minimum Age Check

Type the minimum age for employment.

After you set this parameter, when you create employee records where the employee is younger than the minimum age, the system displays a warning message.

Authorise Imported HR Records

Select this check box to authorise HR records before they are imported and update live data in the software database, by using the Authorisation Centre Workbench.

If this check box is clear, any HR records you import by using the Authorisation Centre Workbench automatically update the software database.

Note: if you want to import HR record data using your own employee references, you should switch off the Generate parameter on the References tab.

Extend Payroll Details Screen

Select this check box to display two additional tabs in the HR Record window (HR Record > Payroll Details > Details). You should select this check box if you only use the Payroll module.

If this check box is clear, the Employee and Details tabs are not displayed in the HR Record window.

Extended Equality Monitoring

Select this check box to make the Extended Equality window accessible in the Recruitment module. With this check box selected, in the Recruitment module, when you click Recruitment > Candidate Search, then click Search on the Candidate Search window, select a candidate in the list, and then click Candidate. Then click the Equality tab and Equality Monitoring is displayed at the bottom of the window. When you click Equality Monitoring, the Extended Equality window is displayed, which displays the extended equality details.

If this check box is clear, Equality Monitoring is not displayed, so you cannot access the Extended Equality window from the Recruitment module.

Note: You can view the Extended Equality window to view the extended equality details for an employee, by clicking HR Record > Other > Extended Equality. You can view a subset of the equal opportunities details for an employee by clicking HR Record > HR Record > Personal Details.

Organisation Structures

Export To

If organisation structures are used, when the enquiry is used to export to Microsoft Visio, a temporary file is required to store the date. This parameter defines the location and name of the file to be created.

Report Location

Type the location in which the report templates are kept. You can use this as the central location for all reports. When you print a report, for example, when you print the Payment Summary report (Payroll > Payment Reports > Payment Summary), the system looks in the location you specify to find the report templates it offers in the Report View field under Report Output in the Report Confirmation window. If there are no report templates in the location you specify in this field, the software looks in its default location for report templates.

If you do not specify a location, the software looks for report templates in its default location, which is in the software’s installation folder, in ..Program FilesJanecommonReports.