Validation Toolkits

The ABW HESA module uses HESA’s toolkits to validate the data before you submit it. You can download these toolkits from the HESA website. Use this window to link the HESA module to the toolkits.

First, you must download the toolkits from the HESA website. Click the link on the window to display the appropriate page in the HESA website. The page is displayed in your browser. The toolkits required by the HESA module are the Staff Person Record and the Staff Contract Record for the year for which you want to prepare the submission. These toolkits are provided in zip files. Download them to your PC by following the instructions on the HESA website. When the download is complete, you need to unzip the files and a make a note of the folder where the files are kept. Unzipping the file creates a new folder that has the same name as the file.

Person, Contract, Grade

Type the full path and filename of the toolkit, or click the lookup button, navigate to the location, and select the file. You must select an executable file (a filename with the .exe extension). The Staff Person Record toolkit is named nn025.exe and the Staff Contract toolkit nn026.exe, where nn is the submission year.


When the toolkit is run by the software, there are optional arguments that can be used. Refer to HESA’s toolkit documentation for full details of the available switches. If you want to run any of the switches at the time of validation, you must specify these in this field. For example:

-g<n>     Country of Institution : England (g1), Scotland (g2), Wales (g3), N. Ireland (g4)

The ABW HESA module runs the toolkits using the switches –tc or –tf.

After you specify the details of the executable files and the arguments for the toolkits, click Save. You can now use the toolkits.