Transfer Template

Use this window to define the data transfer templates, which control the way in which information is integrated with or exported to third-party payroll application providers.

Each template can either be a specific pre-supplied interface or a generic ASCII interface that you can define by clicking New. An ASCII interface is a text file, such as a TXT, CSV (comma-separated values), or XML (Extensible Markup Language) file.

Consult your implementation consultant or project manager for further details if you require transfer templates.  It is likely that the transfer templates will be developed to meet a specific requirement and that this requirement will be established during the implementation process

Real Time Information (RTI)

Use this window to define the transfer templates which describe the four new formats of files which are created by the software to send to HMRC. The four new files are :-

EPS   –  Employment Payment Summary

FPS   –  Full Payment Submission

EAS   –  Employee Alignment Submission

NVR  –  National Insurance Number Verification Request