Process Flood Templates

Use this wizard to use the rules defined in your selected flood templates to transfer data from the personnel database into the ABW HESA database.

The flood templates define the way that data is transferred from the personnel database to the ABW HESA database. When they are run, the rules defined are followed and the information in the ABW HESA database is updated with the latest values from the personnel records. You can run the wizard against your selected templates as many times as you need to. For information about how to set up the templates, refer to the Flood Templates choice on the Housekeeping menu.

A list of all the flood templates that have been set up is displayed on the Process Flood Templates window. For each template, the template code and description is shown alone with a column of check boxes. To identify a particular template you want to process, select the Run check box. Select all the templates you want to process.

Click Run to process the selected flood templates. Note that if many templates are run and large volumes of data are involved, the process can take some time.