Menu Option Access

Use this window to display or hide the windows (forms) for the default menu groups for a selected user, or Everyone. When you hide a window (form), the menu option that displays that window is not displayed for the user. This window is for application administrators.

User displays a list of users and Everyone.

Module / Group displays a list of the modules. When you select a module, the menu groups for that module are listed and you can select a menu group.

Forms Module / Group, where Module is the name of the selected module, and Group is the name of the selected group, displays a list of windows (forms) for your selected menu group. You define access to a window by selecting the form and setting the access. You select:

  • Full Access, to display a menu option for a user, so the user can display the window and view and update its details.
  • No Access, to hide a menu option for a user, so the user cannot display the window.

For information about how to define menu access for a user, refer to Define or change access to the menu options for a user or Everyone.