The workflow system can be set up to produce notes and diary reminders instigated by certain actions within HR. This could be used, for example, as a reminder system so that certain functions within the HR software create automatic reminders against an employee’s record.


Suppose the HR department was required to telephone an employee within 3 days after a grievance had been reported in order to confirm details. A process could be set up for the entry of a new grievance record which instigated a Note/Diary Action to record details of the grievance, the employee’s telephone number as a note against the employee’s HR record with a review date in the diary for three days from the entry date. The personnel department could then use the diary system to review all notes for all employees up to a certain date and would see the reminder to ring this person.

Review Date Diary Rule

If the note is to have a review date in the diary then this is the rule used to calculate this date. The rules can be defined for a number of days/weeks/months from a certain date in order to obtain the review date. Please refer to the Diary section for more details about diary rules. Note that the date used as a start date to apply the rule to is the Action Date Based On field on the Workflow Processes and will be dependent upon the function selected. For example, for grievances, this start date could be Grievance start date, end date, review date or decision date.

Note Text

The note itself can be entered in two parts.  The first single line of text is a summary which will appear on the HR record as the single line summary of the note when it is viewed in the note system.  Below this is the body of text which comprises the full content of the note. Fields from the employees HR records can be included in any part of the text enclosed in < > punctuation and the real value of these will be substituted into the text at the time the action is run.


Fields will open a window on the right hand side of the screen providing a complete list of all the available fields which can be included within the text of the email.

Any fields can be included from the function itself or the HR record and at the top of the newly opened window the user can switch from one to the other. Note that the function is defined on the previous Action tab. A particular field can be selected for inclusion in the text by double clicking it in the list then positioning the cursor at the relevant place within the email text and typing Ctrl-V (similar to the Word paste command). The field will then be automatically substituted into the text in the correct format i.e. enclosed within the characters < and >.

For example, an action note with text as follows …

Ring on ext <HOME_PHONE_OFFICE> re grievanceRing <KNOWNAS> on ext <HOME_PHONE_OFFICE> regarding their grievance of <DESCRIPTION> on <START_DATE> to check details.Note that their line manager, <MAN_ID>, has been informed.

Will result in these details in the note system …

Ring on ext 4232 re grievanceRing Jacki Smith on ext 4232 regarding their grievance of Disabled access difficulties on 01/12/2007 to check details.Note that their line manager, Marilyn Jackson, has been informed.