Use this window to record training courses details against the selected employee. This function can also be automatically updated when using the Training Events function in the Staff Development module.

Creating a Training record

A Type and Status may be selected from the drop-down list. These codes are maintained from within the Staff Development module.

A Training Code may be selected from the list of available training courses.

The training codes correspond to an individual training course. There is the option to search for a title in the blank box at the top of item selector. To find the relevant course, type in the full training course title, a word or part of a word featured in the title and click Search. Highlight the relevant course and click on Select. The Description defaults to the same name as the training course but this Description can be overwritten manually.

A Startand End Date, Period (AM or PM) and Time of the training course may be entered.

The Duration of the course is available to record the length of the course. Clicking the will calculate the Duration using the start and end dates entered.

Duration in Hours and Total Hoursare optional field but can be used to allow for CPD (Continual Professional Development) monitoring

The Qualifier Codeprovides alternative analysis for reporting on training.

If this training resolves a training need held for this employee, the need can be selected and when the training record is saved this will automatically close the need, showing that it has been fulfilled.

If an Achievement is entered then this will automatically be recorded on the employee’s achievement record.

Free format information may be entered in Location and Reference 1, 2 and 3and any costs stored in the Organisational and Contributions fields. The TotalCost field is calculated from the Organisational Cost plus the Contribution Cost.

If the status of the training record is set to complete, then a check is made on the settings of the fields Refresher and Diary Rule on the training course for this training record. If the Refresher field is set to either From Requirement or From Completion, then the date adjustment specified in the diary rule is applied to that date and a new Training need generated for the employee.