Training Needs

Use this window to record training need details for the selected employee. This function can also be launched from the Appraisals window. The Needs records entered are passed to the Training Needs Analysis function on the Staff Development menu structure.

Creating a Training Needs record

A training Course may be from the pop up list. The Description is displayed and may be amended. Alternatively, a description of the need may be simply typed into the description field, however the need record may not be progressed further through the Staff Development system. Note that the training courses are maintained in the Staff Development module.

To denote the importance of the training need a Priority code and Due by Date may be entered.

If the training need requires management authority the Authorised, Authorised By and Name fields may be completed. The Authorised By refers to the line managers file but an additional free format Name may also be entered.

The Status of the training need may be entered as Open, On Event or Completed. When a new training need is entered it will initially be given a status of open. If a training event is later created in the Staff Development module for this need then the status will change to “On Event”. Once the training has been completed then this need will also be fulfilled and the status will change to “Completed” and the training event number generated will be saved in the Event number field.


The analysis is simply to allow you to run queries and report on the needs. For example, you could group together certain computing skills needs under a single analysis code.