Use this wizard to amend an employee’s status.

You are presented with a series of pages to complete. The wizard assumes that the employee to have their status amended has been selected. The name and reference number of the last employee you worked with is displayed at the top of the page.
On page 1, in Leaving Date, type the employee’s date of leaving.
On page 2, select a reason for leaving from the drop-down list. This is optional.
On page 3, enter destination information. This is optional.
On page 4, the employee’s current status and a drop-down list of available status codes is displayed. It is recommended that you do not select Left because the system will set the status based on the leaving date you enter.
If you use the Payroll system, setting an employee to Left stops the employee from receiving a salary in the current payroll period. The correct procedure is to enter the leaving date and allow the payroll period end process to change the status to Left when the leave date has passed. The Payroll system can calculate the correct salary for the employee based on the start and end dates of the payroll period and the leaving date. For example, for a start date of 01/01/05, an end date of 31/01/05, and a leave date 20/01/05, the employee receives 20/31 of the salary for the month.
For more information about the controls for the payroll codes, refer to the React to Critical Dates setting on the Controls tab for the relevant payroll code (for example, click Payroll > Module Setup > Payment/Deduction, select the salary payroll code, click Edit, and then click the Controls tab).
If you do not use the Payroll system, the start of day process marks the employee as a leaver when the leaving date is reached. To ensure that no Payroll system functions are in use, the Payroll and Statutory Calculation check boxes on the General tab of the HR Application – Features window (System Setup > Housekeeping > System Definitions) must be clear.
If the employee’s status is set to Left and the Payroll check box is selected in the HR Application – Features window, the employee’s payments and deductions currently held in the working file are cleared. Otherwise, the payments are affected.