Adding a Signature to an Email

To embed email signatures in Workflows:

Create a Word document.

On the first line at the top of the page, type [EMAIL BODY]. Ensure this is written exactly as it is here otherwise it will not work.

Type your Signature (Note: formatted as you would like it in the email).

Click Save As and select the file type as Web Page, Filtered.

Name this file EmailTemplate.htm or EmailTemplate.html.

Ensure to make a note of the Location you have saved this file, as you will need to know this at a later point.

Click Save and close Word.


In the software, navigate to Home System SetupHousekeeping Company Documents.

Click New.

Navigate to the Location you saved the EmailTemplate.htm/EmailTemplate.html file.

Double-click the file.

A popup will appear asking whether you want to make this attachment available to users only.

Click Yes.

Close Company Documents.

If these steps were followed correctly, the Signature will appear at the end of every email sent.