Staff Identifier Creation

Use this wizard to create unique HESA staff identifiers for employee records where the HESA staff identifier is blank.

HESA requires that every member of staff has a unique code that identifies that person for the HESA submission. This identifier is assigned to staff members when they first join an institute and should remain the same even if they change institutes, which enables HESA to track staff. The same staff identifier must also be used on all the contracts related to the employee. For full details about staff identifiers, refer to the HESA website.

The Staff Identifier Creation window checks all the employee records in the ABW HESA database to see if a HESA Staff Identifier has been entered. For any person record where the field is blank, it creates the unique Staff Identifier according to HESA’s current rules. Note that it will not overwrite or change any existing Staff Identifier fields — it only applies a new identifier where there is currently none.


Before you click Run to run this wizard, you must set the Institute Identifier on the Module Definitions window on the Housekeeping menu, because it forms part of the rule for the creation of a valid staff identifier. If this field is not set, no staff identifiers are created.

Similarly, for an employee to be given a valid identifier, the start date must be set on their person record.