Use this tab to specify the allowances to which employees are entitled when they satisfy the qualifying conditions for the occupational sickness scheme defined on the Scheme tab.

When you specify the allowances, you select the payroll code for the payment that is replaced by the occupational sickness payment. To select a code, click the lookup button. The Item Selector window lists only those payroll codes that have React to Critical Dates set. If the payroll code that represents the payment you want to replace is not listed, you must update the definition of the payroll code and select the  React to Critical Dates setting.

In Replace With, select the payroll code for the occupational sickness. For example, if the scheme includes allowances for full pay at six months and half pay at six months, you can enter the code for occupational sickness at full pay and set the duration to 130 days (working days) or 182 (calendar days). You then click Save to save the details. To enter the occupational sickness allowance at half pay, you enter the payroll code for half pay in Replace With, set the duration, and click Save.

The allowance periods are displayed below Duration, and you can use Move Up and Move Down to change the order of the allowances. The allowances should be listed in descending order, with the highest allowance listed first.

You can delete an allowance by selecting it and clicking Delete.

Payroll Code

Select the payroll code that is replaced by the occupational sickness payment payroll code you define in Replace With. When you click the lookup button to view the codes you can select, the codes displayed in the list on the Item Selector window are only those where React to Critical Dates is set.


This field is set automatically to the payroll code selected in Payroll Code, after you specify the occupational sickness codes that replace the payroll code, set the durations, and click Save.

Replace With

Type, or use the lookup button to select, the occupational sickness payroll code that replaces the payroll code.


Type the duration that defines the allowance period for the occupational sickness payment. If the scheme is expressed in working days, you might enter 130 to indicate the duration is for half a year. If the scheme is expressed in calendar days, you might enter 182 days.