Auto Enrolment Process

1. Pension Auto-Allocate

You can use the Payroll > Functions > Pension Auto-Allocate window to set up a pension for employees who fulfil the qualifying query and are not already attached to the pension scheme.


1. Set up a pension scheme with Qualifying Query “all teaching staff” and Status “Newly Enrolled In Scheme – Requires Action”.

2. Run the Pension Auto-Allocate to attach  this pension scheme to all employees who currently  are not attached to this scheme.

3. Use the Query tools to view the results by reporting on pensions with status “Newly Enrolled In Scheme – Requires Action” to provide a list of employees newly enrolled on this scheme.

2. Pension Action Reminder on Dashboard

You can add any query created for auto-enrolment to the software dashboard so that when you login to the software at the start of the day you instantly view a list of employees where actions may be required. Select Dashboard – Settings (top left of the software window, third icon) and select the query from the dropdown list.

Example: A list of employees who have reached the minimum age of 22 years and need to be auto enrolled on a pension scheme.

3. Pension Audit

The following activities are recorded on the new audit file:

When a pension is created.

The status of a pension is changed.

A pension scheme is linked to or unlinked from an employment history record

Select HR Record > Payroll Details > Pension Audit to view or amend the audit record. Audit records may be reported on to provide a history of enrolling employees onto pension schemes and show if, and when, they have opted out to comply with legislative requirements.

Select the HR Record > Payroll Details > Pensions > History tab to view the pension audit history for a single employee.