Detailed Example – Create a New Workflow Process

Select New from the Processes option in the Workflow module.


Enter something descriptive here that will allow you to identify the Process, such as “Request Sickness Certificate”.

When to Start

Select When Entered here as we want the process to begin as soon as the sickness record is entered.

Monitor Changes To

Sickness details are held in the Absence Entries table, so we’ll select this from the drop down list.

Qualifying Query

We don’t want to send a certificiate request to all employees with absence records, but to those who have been sick for more than 2 days but not yet provided a certificate.  If we don’t already have a query that extracts these records, we’ll need to create a query with the following criteria.

Duration > 2 days
Type = Sickness
End Date <> Empty
Certified = N

Qualifying Type

Selected Authorised.

First Action

Choose Email Certificate Request to Employee which is the Action that triggers all subsequent Actions.