Search for and select an employee

When you want to update the data for an employee, you can easily find and select the employee whose data you want to maintain.

To search for and select an employee:

  1. Click Select Employee in the menu bar. The HR Record window is displayed.
  2. Enter your search criteria and click Find or Fast Find. The search results are displayed in the grid. For detailed information about how to use the search function, refer to Select Employee.
  3. Select the row in the grid to identify the employee’s data you want to maintain, and click Select. The HR Record window closes.
  4. Click HR Record in the menu. A window is displayed, and the employee name and employee reference are displayed in the window title. You can now select any of the HR functions displayed in the HR Record menus in the left pane, to update the specific data you want to. For example, to view or maintain the personal details for the selected employee, click Personal Details in the HR Record menu (HR Record > Personal Details).