Use this window to record details of the employee’s probationary records. You can record historical stages for each employee rather than maintain one probation event.

Click New to create a new probation record. The Probation window is displayed. Enter details in the following fields.

Probation Code

Type a probation code, or click and select one.

You can set up probabtion codes by using Personnel > Employment > Probation Code.


This field displays the description for the probation code, but you can change it by typing a different description.

Line Manager

Type the code for the line manager, or click and select one from the list.

You can set up line managers by using Personnel > Your Organisation > Line Manager.

Starting, Ending

Type, or click to select, the start and end dates of the probation record.

Probation Status

Select the status. You can select Completed, Extended, Open, or Rejected.