Needs Analysis

The Training Needs Analysis function enables you to process training needs that have been identified and entered for individual employees. The Training Needs are entered on an employee’s record in the Credentials menu.

This function identifies training courses that one or more employees should attend and automatically creates a Training Event. The function enables you to retrieve and review Training Needs using criteria fields at the top of the window.

Training Needs

The Training Needs window shows a list of training needs for all employees. The list can be interrogated in several ways.

By utilising the Course drop-down menu and selecting the relevant course. Select Review and the specific Training Need will feature on the window.

Alternatively, you can use the ‘drag a column header’ option to review training needs dates, priorities etc…

Toclear this training need in order to view others or search for a different training need, select Clear.

To view details of the training need, select Review . (This option allows you only to view the record and not to amend or update it).

Select Close to come out of the training needs menu.

Training Events

To create a Training Event, select Create. This will take you to a new window listing all employees who should attend the training event. Simply highlight the employees’ names in the ‘candidates’ box and click on the arrows in the middle of the screen to transfer the names to the ‘selected for event’ box. For single candidates click on the single arrow, for all candidates click on the double arrows.

Select Create to create a new Training Event. This opens a new Event Creation screen.

Here you input the details of the Training Event including training code and description, course provider, dates and times of the course, costs plus other qualifiers relevant to your organisation.

Additional tabs allow you input additional cost information and to review the list of candidates attending the course.

Once you have filled in all relevant details to create the training event, select Save to save these details.


You can then add costs details by selecting the Cost tab. Select New to add cost details and then select OK. The costs details will automatically update on the main Training Event details window.


You can also add additional candidates by selecting Attendees. Select New and add in the relevant employee’s details. By selecting the button to the right of the Employee ID reference, you will be taken directly to a fast finder option in the HR records.

Note there is also a cross-reference to an individual’s training needs which should be completed if you are adding a new candidate manually.

Once the event has been saved it will no longer feature on the Training Needs window but will automatically transfer to the Events Workbench.