Set up the gateway parameters in the module definitions

To set up the gateway parameters:

  1. Click Payroll > Definitions > Module Setup > Module Definitions. Select the Gateway tab.
  2. In IRMark Software, type or click to select the location of the IRmark software,  which is required for the transmission of the in-year movements, such as P45 Part 1, and so on. Various third-party systems are available to perform this function, or you can click here to download Jane Systems’ IRmark software.The end-of-year return does not use the IRmark software, so if you are only setting the parameters up for the year end returns, you can leave this field blank.
  3. In Submit URL, type the address to which the XML file is transmitted such as
  4. In Year Ending, type (or click to select) the year end date, such as 05/04/2017. This is an optional field that defines the year end format of the return being made. Because the information required by HMRC may vary year to year, the layout or format of the return also varies depending upon the year being processed. If no data is entered here, the system uses the run date to determine the year. This is useful if you have started the new tax year, but are still making submissions for the previous tax year.
  5. Select the Gateway Test check box to specify when a test transmission is taking place. When the final file is being generated for live transmission to HMRC, you must clear this check box.
  6. In Log Path, type the location of the folder (such as c:tempEOY) into which the response.xml file created by HMRC after you have sent them a transmission will be placed. If this field is left blank, the response file is put into the c:tempJane directory.
  7. For 2016-17 Namespace End of Year type
  8. Leave Namespace In Year Movements blank.