The controlling elements of functionality of the Payroll module are the payroll codes. They define the activities that can be used as transaction types in the central processing functions. These can include standard salary payments, timesheet entry rules, bonus payments, union fee deductions, and so on.

Within these payroll codes are a set of pre-defined system codes that control how tax, NI, pension and other mandatory application elements are managed. Otherwise, it is your definition of these payroll codes that determine how the system is used.

The purpose of this window is to enable you to define your processing rules as a series of payroll codes.

You can override many of the values defined against these codes at a more localized level — that is, for a cost centre (payroll category) or for a specific employee. Many of the parameters and values you define in this window are defaults for the payroll code.

For information about the details you enter on the General tab, click  here.