Employer Alignment Submission (EAS)

Your PAYE scheme may pass through a one-off data alignment process as the first step towards running Real Time Information (RTI). This is a means for employers to send in details of active employments to HMRC (along with details of starters and leavers in the current tax year) so that HMRC’s and employer’s data can be aligned in readiness for the regular RTI submissions.

Employers with 250 or more employees or those who administer on two or more payroll systems will be required to complete an Employer Alignment Submission (EAS). All other employers will do their alignment when they submit their first Full Payment Submission (FPS).

Before creating an EAS:

  1. Set up your software for RTI. Click here for further information.
  2. Enter the additional employee information required for RTI. Click here for further information.

To create an EAS:

  1. Click Payroll > Functions > RTI Submission EAS. The EAS Submission wizard is displayed.
  2. On page 1, select the template you wish to include in the EAS from the drop down list. Additional templates may be included on page 3 of the wizard.
  3. On page 2, select a query which represents the list of employees you wish to include. This is optional and if one is not selected, all active employee records will be included.
  4. On page 3, select any secondary payroll templates you wish to include. You can submit each payroll template separately or submit a number of secondary templates  with the primary template selected.
  5. On page 4, select the IR Mark check box.
  6. Click Run. The EAS submission file will be created in the folder specified by Filename on the Transfer Template for EAS.

To test the EAS:

You must test the submission file before sending it to HMRC. We can run the tests for you or you can use the HMRC test software. Click here to download the HMRC LTS.

If you require us to carry out these tests, please email our support team at support@jane-systems.co.uk.

To check your data using the Query tool:

  1. Click Queries > New. The Queries wizard is displayed.
  2. On page 1, select Personnel.
  3. On page 2, select HR Record.
  4. On page 3, type the description of the query,such as EAS Data Check.
  5. On page 4, select the data items to be included in the query. Select Employee Reference, Title, Forename, Surname, NI Reference, Home Address, Gender, Date of Birth, Tax Pfx/Code/Sfx
  6. On page 5, select a filter, such as only employee on a particular template.
  7. Click Finish.

To send the EAS to HMRC:

  1. When the EAS has been created and tested, you must send it to the Government Gateway. Click Payroll > Functions > Government Gateway Transfers. The Gateway Transfer wizard is displayed.
  2. On page 1, select the same primary template used to create the EAS.
  3. On page 2, select the EAS transfer template from the drop down list, such as RTI EAS XML.
  4. On page 3, deselect the Insert IRMark into submission option.
  5. Click Run.