Number of Hours Worked

Number of Hours Worked

HR Record>Payroll details>Payroll details>RTI tab

As of 6th April 2014 the options for Number of Hours Worked are changing to the following.

A – Up to 15.99hrs

B – 16 to 23.99hrs

C – 24 to 29.99hrs

D – 30hrs or more

E – Other

F – Default

As this information is compulsory for the FPS submission, you will need to amend this field to the new option for each HR Record.

As option A has not changed, you will not need to change the HR records with this option selected.

You can review which HR Records have this options selected by running a query.

For HR Records with the other options selected you can import the data in the Authorisation Centre.

To import the data:

  1.  Create a spreadsheet with the following column headings:

               Column Heading                              Data

EMP_ID                                             Employee Reference

NORMAL_HOURS                          A – Upto 15.99hrs B – 16 -23.99hrs C – 24 to 29.99hrs

D – 30hrs or more E – Other  F – Default

2. Save your spread sheet as a CSV file.

3. SelectSystem Setup > Authorisation Centre > Workbench

4. Select Sandard Authorisation and Amend Existing HR Records from the drop down

5. Click on the proposed tab

6. Click Import, use the browser to select the CSV file from browse and click import.

7. The imported data will be displayed. Check the data.

8. Click the Authorise tab either click Swap All to select all the data or select individual

employees by selecting the check boxes. Click update and the data will be updated.

Alternatively, a new button called RTI has been made available on the templates form.

Payroll > Module Definitions > Templates

This process should not be run until the template has been moved into the 2014/2015 tax year.

The effect of using RTI will be to move all employees onto the hourly worked codes for the new tax year. The process can only be run by a user who is an Administrative user and must only be run once for each template.

Once this process has been run the new code structure will be available for selection in the Numbers of Normal Hours Worked dropdown on the Real Time Information form.

The procedure for each template is as follows

Run the RTI process on the Template form

Move any employees who do more than 23.99 hours and were previously on code B (16 to 29.99hrs) to the new code C (24.00 to 29.99hrs).