BACS Processing

Use this to produce a plain text file of the payment details for the current pay period for the template you select on page 1 of the wizard.

Page 2 requests the transfer template, which defines the format and location of the file to be created. You might have one definition or several. You cannot run this wizard without a transfer template. If no transfer templates are displayed on page 2, consult your system administrator to ensure the correct entries are made available.

You can set up transfer templates by using Payroll > Module Setup > Transfer Template. For information about how to set up a BACS transfer template, refer to Set Up a Transfer Template for BACS.

After you click Run and provide final confirmation,  the designated file is created containing the required payment information, including bank account details and payment value. You can import this file into a specialized 3rd party application, which ensures the details are transmitted using official BACS protocols.