Government Gateway Transfers

If you need to send your P14 and P35 end-of-year details to HMRC by Internet submission, not electronic data interchange (EDI), the final step of the process is to transfer the XML data file through the Government Gateway. The information you submit to the Government Gateway is sent in Extensible Markup Language (XML) files. Use this wizard to locate the electronic file produced by the end-of-year procedure and to attempt to deposit a copy of these details in the Government Gateway mailbox.

You must complete two pages of information before you can run the wizard.

Payroll Template

On the first page of the wizard, select the payroll template that determines the specific payroll to be transferred. This is a mandatory field. You must provide the payroll template to proceed.

Transfer Definition

On the second and final page of the wizard, select the transfer template definition used in the production of the year end electronic data source, which subsequently enables the system to locate the same source file for transferral to the Gateway.

After you click the Run button and provide the appropriate confirmation, the system transfers the year end data to the Government Gateway site specified in the Submit URL entry of the payroll module definitions. Before you attempt a live transfer, ensure you deselect the  Gateway Test check box on Payroll > Module Setup > Module Definitions > Gateway.

Any failure to submit the details is displayed, as are any errors reported back as a result of a successful transfer.

Upon completion, confirmation will be displayed of a successful transfer, validation and acceptance of the year-end balance details.