Flood Rules

Use this tab to define the flood rules.

The following image shows an example of some flood rules:

For each code used within the personnel system, you must set up a link to the new code in the HESA module. To enter these, click New and type the entries for Source Value (personnel system) and Destination Value (HESA system). In the example above, you would only need to add the following rules:

Source Value Destination Value
A 1
B 2
N/A 9

Use New, Edit and Delete to enter and correct the rules.

Default Value

When you run the data flood tool and the software comes across a source code for which no rule has been set up, it can either leave the destination blank or, if a default value is set up, give it this value. In the example above, it might be useful to set the default value to 9.


If the flood rules already exist in a comma-separated vales (CSV) file, type the full path and filename of the CSV file, or click , browse to the file, and select it. The file must be in the format of two columns: the first column must contain the source code and the second the destination code. Click Import to import the rules. This avoids the need to enter each rule one at a time by using New, Edit and Delete.

After you specify all the flood rules, you can use the flood template.