How to Enable Employees a View of Entitlement in Hours

This guide focuses on enabling portal users a view of holiday entitlement in hours.

By default, all holiday entitlement will be displayed in days.

Step 1 – Create a Query Containing All Employees for Which to Display Entitlement in Hours

First create a User query based on the Personnel module. Select HR Record as the Data Source.

Ensure the query is named something that indicates its purpose, as this query will be used to indicate all portal users for which to display entitlement in hours.

Select the Employee Reference field and any other columns to include in the query results. Apart from the employee reference, the columns contained in the query will not affect the outcome of this guide.

Once all columns have been selected click Next. This is where the selection criteria is established and the most important step when creating the query. Ensure the appropriate criteria is included so that the query results display all employees for which to display entitlement in hours.

Step 2 – Display Hours – Qualifying Query

The next step is to select the query in step 1 as the qualifying query used to dictate the portal users for which entitlement is displayed in hours.

Go to the following location in the windows application:

System Setup > Housekeeping > System Definitions > Absences tab

Under the Absences tab in System Definitions there is an option under the holiday allowances header called “Display Hours – Qualifying Query”. This is where the query created in step 1 will be identified as the query the system uses to determine who to display leave entitlement for in hours. Once the query is selected click OK.