Use this window to record the employee’s salary details for reporting to the Teachers’ Pension Agency. If the employee is paid an annual salary, these details are recorded through the normal salary processing and this window is not required. However, if the employee is not paid on a salaried basis, use this window to enter the employee’s various salary values for the year being processed. In most cases, the entry of the year being processed, the start and end dates of the salary and the annual salary itself will be the only details required.

Enter the Year for the record details. This should relate to the payroll year. The Type field allows you to select Insert, Amend or Delete for the record. The Employer Code, pay Scale Full Part Time Ind. are required.

Enter the Start Date and End Date at which the salary being entered became effective/ceased. The end date can be left blank if the salary is still in effect.

Enter the employee’s Annual and any Part Time Salary. Enter any days that have been Excluded from the payroll processing. The employee’s Safeguard Salary, London Allowance, Social Priority Allowance, Special Class Allowance and Other Allowances can be recorded.

Enter if the employee has been Withdrawn and a Sick/Maternity/Action code.

If the employee has a Supplement, this can be recorded.