Rolling over holiday allowances

We define ‘rolling over’ as assigning holiday allowances to employees for the forthecoming year, if the employee was entitled to that allowance in the current year.

Holiday Rollover Wizard

The Holiday Rollover wizard can be used to copy holiday allowances from one year to the next.

Auto Allocation Rollover

This is the preferred and recommended method if the employee’s anniversary is used as the start of the holiday year.  A qualifying query is associated to a holiday allowance and the Allocate Holiday Allowance wizard is used to create the initial holiday allowance record.  The holiday allowance can then be set to ‘auto rollover’ x days in advance, which means that the new holiday record will be created automatically, for example, 60 days before the current allowance expires, allowing employees to book future holidays.  Note that the start of day routine triggers the creation of the new holiday allowance, therefore if there are many holiday allowances to rollover on one day, the performance of the computer which triggers the start of day routine (the first computer to log onto the software daily) may be impaired.