Synchronise Employees

Use this wizard to update the HESA module with current information from the personnel database. Before you can do this, you must use the Module Definitions window to set up the browser template for the selection of employees and personnel fields, and define the links between the personnel fields and HESA fields.

Initialise (Delete Existing)

Select this check box to clear all data from the HESA module before the update is made. You should do this when you first use the HESA module.

After data has been entered into the HESA module, you should select this check box with caution, because it deletes everything before the transfer is made.

If you do not select the Initialise (Delete Existing) check box (it is clear), synchronising the data still updates the fields in the HESA module from the personnel information and also adds new records for any new employees found. For example, if the date of birth of an employee is altered in the personnel system, it is updated in the HESA module.

Click Run. A message is displayed that asks you whether you want to continue. Click OK to confirm and proceed with the update.

Note that the update might take a few minutes, depending on the amount of employees involved.