Setting up Employees as Authorised Users (Line Managers)

When we discuss Authorised Users we are referring to users that have responsibility for a team of people,
such as a line manager or office manager. In addition to the functions offered in Self Service, an authorised user can also view their team members details and authorise or reject requests from their team.

Setting up Authorised Users

To setup an Authorised User you need to create a HR Application User.

To setup line managers see the section on Setting up Line Managers.

To do this, you will require the application Administrator Password, to enter into the login screen (leaving the User ID blank):










Create a new user by clicking the New button on the Users tab.












On the User Maintenance screen enter the following details:

User ID: This is the unique ID of the user.

Password: This is the password used to login to the HR application (can be anything as the account will not be used to login to the application).

Name: Name of the employee the user is being created for.

Access: This must be set to Authoriser.

Companies Allowed: Ticked the access check box for the correct company.

Default Company: Select the default company.
















Login to the application and select the employee for which we are setting up as an authorised user.

It is strongly advised that before you proceed you configure the newly created users data item access (System Setup > Security Access > User – HR Record Option > Data Item Access) to ensure that the user does not access any data they should not have access to.

Once the data item access is configured, go to HR Record > Employment > Duties.

You will notice the Authorised User (HR Portal) duty is currently unticked.

Go to HR Record > Other > Office Directory and set the HR Application User to be the newly created application user.










Once the HR Application User has been entered, on returning to the HR Record > Employment > Duties screen, you will see the Authorised User (HR Portal) duty is now ticked.











Setting up Line Managers

To set up a Line Manager, the process is simpler:

Select HR Record Employment Duties.

Select Line Manager and Authorised User (HR Portal).

This will allow the employee to log into the HR Portal as a Line Manager.

They will have access to additional Portal options, such as authorising and declining requests and viewing their team members information.