Balance Review

Use this report to produce a list of employees and their associated period balance values for the selected type of analysis.

This is a flexible report, best suited to monthly payrolls because 12 columns are provided to describe the total of payments/deductions for the selected value type for each pay period. This would be difficult to replicate for a weekly payroll (amongst others) as substantially more columns would be required than is feasible to include on a printed document.

The balances available to review include statutory payments and deductions and specific pension schemes or payroll codes.

The printed report includes the employee reference and the 12 period balance values and a total for the selected year. Analysis totals are also included for each period and the whole year.

To produce the report:

  1. In Payroll Template on the Payroll Report Selection Wizard (200) window, select the template from the drop-down list, and click Next.
  2. On page 2, select the tax year to analyze. the current tax year is displayed as a default. Click Next.
  3. On page 3, select, from the drop-down list, a value to analyze (such as Tax Paid, Net Pay, or Gross Pay), and click Run. If you select Employee Pension, Employer Pension, Voluntary Pension, Total Pension, or Payroll Code, go to the next step. If you select anything else, go to step 5.
  4. On page 4, if you select a pension value in step 3, select a pension scheme from the Pension Scheme drop-down list. If you select a payroll code in step 3, select the payroll code from the Payment/Deduction drop-down list. Click Run. The Report Confirmation (86) window is displayed.
  5. In Report Output, click one of the following:
    • Grid View, to display the report data in the grid. The Report Data Preview window is displayed. You can arrange the data in the grid by moving columns, and sorting and grouping data.
    • Export to File, to save the data in a file.
  6. Click OK to generate the report. If you select Grid View in step 5, the report data is displayed in the grid.