Use this window to record the employee’s employment terms. Many of the fields in this window are also displayed in the Employment History window. If the details are entered in the employee’s primary active employment history record, the details filter through to this window. However, data entered in this window do not update the Employment History window.

The details are displayed in three sections: Summary, Terms ,and Other.


Activity, Line Manager, Department, Location

Type, or click to select, the entry for the field.

Contract Type, Employment Type, HR Record Status, Employment Status

Select the entry for each field from its drop-down list.

The values for the employee’s Activity Title, Line Manager, Location, Department, Contract Type, Employment Type and Status fields are displayed from the employment history primary record.

Take care when you amend the employee’s status, because an employee’s status affects whether they are included in the current (and future) period’s payroll processing. If an employee is to be marked as Left, it is recommended you enter the leave date by using the Leavers function (HR Record > Leavers). The control of the status will then be correctly handled by the end-of-period processing.


The values for Date Started and Service Start Date are displayed from the employment history primary record.

Date Started is the date on which the employee formally commenced employment with your organisation.

Service Start Date is the date on which the employee began employment with an organisation that was taken over by your organisation and from which date the employee has particular  employment rights. The number of years from the start and service start dates are displayed alongside the fields.

The values for Weeks Per Year, Hours Per Week,  Direct Hours, Non-Direct Hours, Remission Hours,  Remission Reason and Categoryare displayed from the employment history primary record. A warning is given if the total of direct, non-direct and remission hours exceeds the Standard Hours field.

If the Accumulate Hours On HR Record check box is selected on the Employment tab of the HR Application – Features window, the Terms window (HR Record > Employment > Terms) displays the accumulated (total) hours per week from the primary active and other active records. Therefore, when this check box is selected, and you create two or more employment history records for an employee (for example, one primary active and one active record), the hours displayed in the Terms window displays the total hours from all the employment history records for that employee.


The values for SOC and Post Groupare displayed from the employment history primary record.

Select the Hazardous Environment check box if the employee works under conditions that have been recognised as potentially hazardous to the employee’s health and well-being.

If the employee’s terms of employment are supported by more than one employer, that is, there are multiple employees/contributors to the post, select the Multiple Employer check box.

Select the Trade Union check box if the employee belongs to a recognised trade union.

Select the Director check box if the employee is a director of the organisation. This information is used by the payroll system to influence the national insurance calculation process.

In End Of Probation, type or select the date for the end of the probation period for the employee.

Select the Staff Assessment check box and type or select a date in Date Joined Assessment if the employee is a member of the staff assessment program.