Set up the payroll codes for Occupational Maternity Pay

Set up the payroll codes for Occupational Maternity Pay

In this step, you update the definitions of the payroll codes for basic salary. You also create the occupational maternity payroll codes for six months at full pay and three months at half pay, or the relevant periods relating to your defined schemes

A. Click Payroll > Definitions > Module Setup > Payment/Deduction.

B. Update the definition for the employee’s basic salary. Select the payroll code used for employees’ salary, click Edit to update its details, and then click the Controls tab.

C. Under Occupational Sick Pay, select Replace and under React to Critical Dates, select Calendar Days.

D. Create the payroll codes for occupational maternity pay at full pay, and occupational maternity pay at half pay.

E. Click New and enter the details on the General tab.

F. Enter the settings on the Controls tab.

G. On the Calculation tab, you can define the occupational maternity pay equivalent of the calculated monthly salary.

H. Save the details and repeat these steps for the occupational maternity pay at half pay payroll code. For this, the Calculation tab would use a value of 24 in Divide By.

I. Also a deduction code needs to be set up, call this deduction Statutory Maternity Pay Deduction,in the type of code field choose value from the dropdown. and in the Payment/Deduction field choose Deduction.