Import Coding Manual

Use this wizard to automatically import all the latest codes from the HESA website download files, to reduce the effort of typing these codes individually. HESA provides downloadable lists of the codes in various formats depending upon the submission year. For most years, the majority of the codes required are in a comma-separated values (CSV) file that has three columns: the code identifier, the code, and a description.

For example, the 09025va.csv file looks like this:



Staff Record person table standard record


The Open University


Cranfield University


Royal College of Art


Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln


Buckinghamshire New University


Central School of Speech and Drama

First, you must download the files from the HESA website and copy them to a folder on your PC. You can find the required downloadable files on the HESA website after you select the submission year here. The files are separated into pages for different submission years. (To find the downloadable files, select Staff Stream from the Data collection hub menu on the right-hand side of the home page of the HESA website, and then click the link for the submission year.)

For example, if you require the downloadable files for the submission year 2009/10, click the link C09025: Staff Collection 2000/10. The Collection viewer – 2009/10 page is displayed, which has a list of downloadable files.

The files required are:

Valid Entries for Staff Person Table 09/10 (09025) – csv format

Valid Entries for Staff Contract Table 09/10 (09026) – csv format

Click these links to download the files to your desktop (or the destination defined by the browser you use), and then copy or move them to an appropriate folder. The downloaded files are called 09025va.csv and 09026va.csv.

File Location

Type the full path location and filename of the downloaded table, or click , browse to location of the file, and select it.


Click Import to extract the data from the downloaded file and populate the ABW HESA Coding Manual.

Repeat this process (specify the location, filename, and click Import) for each CSV download file.