Use this window to define the order in which the system checks occupational sickness schemes to determine the scheme for which an employee qualifies. The system does this before it calculates the occupational sickness adjustments for employees’ pay or when it generates a report that indicates which employees’ occupational sick pay reduces or changes in the near future.

You should list your highest qualifying scheme first, with others following in descending order. For example, if the maximum allowance any employee is entitled to is based on ten years’ service, in which the employee is entitled to receive one year’s occupational sickness allowance at full pay and the following year at half pay, you list this scheme first. If your second highest scheme is based on five years’ service, in which an employee can receive six months’ sickness allowance at full pay and then six months at half pay, you list this scheme second.

Click Move Up to move a selected scheme higher up in the list, or click Move Down to move it down. Click Save to save any changes.