Integrity Checks

To assist with preparation, the ABW HESA module includes a tool to help identify areas within the data where information is either missing or incorrect. The integrity checks do some basic testing of the data and show areas where information is missing or has been miscoded, by comparing codes held for on the staff person and contract records with those in the coding manuals.

When you select Integrity Checks on the Preparation and Submission menu, the data is automatically tested and the following message is displayed at the bottom of the window:

Checking Data Integrity. Please wait … 

The time taken to check the data depends on the volume of information.

When completed, any errors or anomalies found are displayed in the form of a workbench or grid. Each row in the workbench represents one error on a single piece of information on the person or contract record. You can rearrange the information in the grid by using the move, reorder and group functions of the workbench. For more information about using these workbench functions, refer to Data Workbench.


Editing to Correct the Errors

You can quickly correct an error by double-clicking any row in the grid. A data entry window for the item with the error is displayed, and you can correct the data and save it.



After you correct several items of data, you can re-run the integrity check again by clicking Refresh.