Set up a transfer template for year end submission

Before you can process the internet submission for the first time, you must set up a template that describes the type of file to be created and where this file will be stored on your computer before it is sent to the Government Gateway.

To create the template:

  1. Click Payroll > Definitions > Module Setup > Transfer Template.
  2. Click New to create a new template. The Transfer Template window is displayed.
  3. In Transfer Template, type a unique code for the template such as P14P35.
  4. In Description, type a description that makes it easy for you to identify this template such as P14 P35 Year End Submission.
  5. In Type, select the option from the drop-down list. In the software version 1.31 and above, select P14 P35 XML (in earlier versions, select P60 XML).
  6. Leave Data blank.
  7. Leave Function blank.
  8. In Filename, type the full path and filename that describes where the file created by the submission process will be held such as c:tempEOYP14P35submission.xml.  The filename should always have the suffix .xml and a suitably secure folder should be selected to create the file in. The filename description above is just an example
  9. Leave Invoke blank.