Use this window to record details of any permits that are supplied by the organization, such as car parking permits.

Creating a Permit Record

Select a Permit Type from the pop-up list. This list refers to the Personnel – Permits and Issues – Permit Details data. Once a Permit Type has been selected the Description will be defaulted to that on the Permit Details but may be amended if required.

A free format Reference and Media Reference may be entered to further describe the permit.

The Issue Date (and optionally time) of the permit should be entered.

The Expiry date of the permit based on the permit definition and the Issue date and time for the permit will be calculated but may be changed if required.

Initial Value of the permit to the employee is defaulted from the permit definition but may be altered. The Refund is an extra cost for the permit, defined as a deposit. The value will be taken from the permit definition. The Paid field shows the amount that the employee has paid for the permit. The Balance field shows any outstanding amount that is due for payment for the permit. It is calculated by subtracting the Paid amount from the total of the Initial Value and the Refund. This value cannot be directly amended by the user.