Salary History

Use this window to record all current and historical salary changes for the selected employee. The employee’s current salary is defined as being Active and will normally have no end date assigned.

If your organisation uses salary grades and scales, the record data in this window is typically created automatically by the Salary Grades wizard (for one selected employee) or by using HR Record > Employment > Apply Grade, or Personnel > Utilities > Apply Grade Changes, or Payroll > Functions > Apply Grade Changes.

If your organisation does not use grades and scales, or if you want to change the salary for employees whose salaries are not based on grades and scales, you can use HR Record > Employment > Enter Salary or Personnel > Utilities > Apply Manual Salary  or Payroll > Functions > Apply Manual Salary to enter a new salary for one employee, or you can use Payroll > Functions > Global Salary Import to enter salaries for multiple employees.

You can also enter data directly by using New and Edit under Maintenance on the Salary History window. Only users with administration access can do this. This means, in the setup details for the user, the Access field on the User Maintenance window must be set to Administrator. For information about setting up users, refer to Set up new users and maintain existing users.

For an overview of salary history and employment history, refer to Employment history and salary history records: overview.

Editing a Salary History record


The employee’s current salary must have a status of Active. All other records should have a status of Historical. A status of Payroll Active applies only when the Payroll module is not being used, but feeds another payroll application instead. If the status is being amended, a drop-down list is provided to aid selection.

Enter the From date when the salary was effective. Care should be taken that there is continuity between the end date of one salary record and the start date of the next, as gaps in the dates may affect the employee’s salary if date-effective processing is in use. For the current (active) salary, there should be no To date. Historical records should always have a To date.

The Salary Grade and Scale Point may be entered. A drop-down list is provided to aid selection. The employee’s Value or salary may be entered.


Enter the Review Date Used to calculate this salary and the Scale Point Value. The WTE(Whole Time Equivalent) that was used to calculate the salary may be entered. The Hours Per Week, Weeks Per Year and Factor that the employee is working for the organisation should be entered. Any Allowances for the employee should be entered.


A Reason of why the employee has received a change of salary may be entered. The employee’s Employment Record which holds the details which were used to create this salary history record is displayed.

The User, Date and Time fields audit the changes made to this salary history record.