Import Payroll Legislation

You can import legislative parameters instead of entering them yourself.

To import the tax, national insurance and other legislative parameters:

1. Download the file that contains the statutory values for the tax year from the Jane Systems Information Centre website.

Download Legislation File for 2019-20

2. Click Payroll > Functions > Parameter Import.

A wizard guides you through the process to import the parameters from the file you download.

On the first page of the wizard, select the templates you want to update by highlighting them in the list. Click the > button to move them to the list on the right. Alternatively, you can update all the templates by selecting the Update entries applicable to ALL payroll templates check box on the next page of the wizard.

On the third page of the wizard, specify the full path name and filename of the downloaded parameter file. Ensure the file has been unzipped. You can use the lookup button to find and select the file.

After you click Finish and confirm, the new parameter values are imported into the system.

Check the values before you proceed with the payroll.