Define HR Record data item access for a user or Everyone

To define HR Record data item access for a user or Everyone

1. Click System Setup > Security Access > HR Record Option – Data Item Access. The HR Record – Option Data Item Access window is displayed.

2. Select the Application User from the list of users, or select Everyone.

3. Select the Data Area you wish to restrict from the second column.

4.The third column Data Items, displays a list of associated fields and the access that the selected user has to the fields.

5. Select this user’s access for this field:

  • Optional – full access to the field, can be changed and can be left blank.
  • Mandatory – full access to the field but it cannot be left blank.
  • Enquiry Only – the field cannot be changed.
  • No Access – the field will not be displayed at all. You can select the Toggle All on/Off check box to grant Full Access to everything listed for the selected option, or clear the check box to set No Access to everything.

6. For fields where the caption (field label) is followed by an asterix (*), you can restrict access further by using Values. For example, if you want to restrict the user’s access to records of employees who work in a particular department, select the Personnel module, select HR Record, select the Department field, and click Values. The Lookup window is displayed. Select the department, such as Accounts, from the list, click Select, and click Close to close the Lookup window. The department is displayed in the Restrictions field for the data item.

7. Click Save.

8. Click Close.