I want to run a report to see how many holidays employees have left

It is not possible to run a query to find out the balance of holidays that employees have left, however you can find the information by following the below steps:

You first need to open a blank excel spreadsheet. This will be used to host the information from the system.

In the HR application navigate to Personnel > Reports > Holiday Allowances, this will open the report wizard.

The wizard asks you to specify an employee. Leave this blank to see all employees. Click Next.

You can impose a default working pattern if the working pattern is blank. You can remove the working pattern by using the drop down box if a default working pattern is not  required. Click Next.

You can also specify a default hours per day if the hours per day cannot be determined. Click Run.

Select the grid view in the report output. Click OK.

Select the first line on the grid, scroll down to the end of the report. Hold shift on your keyboard and select the last line. This will select all data.

Click and hold the left mouse button and drag the information to the open excel workbook releasing it in cell ‘A1’. This copies all the selected data into excel.

Remove all data columns that are not required by right clicking the column letter and selecting delete. You may choose to keep some fields for basic identification.

If holidays are calculated in days you will require columns:


If holidays are calculated in hours you will require columns:


You can rename the column headers depending on your preferences.