Use this window to record information about staff grievances, including dates, descriptions and categorization of the grievance for subsequent analysis and reporting.

Creating an Employee Grievance record

When creating a new grievance record it can be given a type which will allow grievances to be analysed by type, for example, compliant about a fellow employee, racial discrimination compliant, sexual harassment, etc.

If a type is elected the description will automatically default to the description associated with the chosen type. This may be amended or replaced with text of your own choice.


The reference is an unvalidated and just allows you to put in a reference to any documentation regarding the grievance such as written case notes.

The degree of seriousness of the grievance can be assigned using the level, for example, one for very serious complaints and ten for trivial.


Relevant dates can be entered for the grievance such as the start date which is usually the date the complaint was raised, the end date; usually the date which the complaint was resolved by and the decision date; the date by which the employee is informed of the results. Queries and reporting can be used to monitor the progress of the complaint by checking on these dates.


The manager associated with or responsible for the complaint can be recorded.

Status and Outcome

The status and outcome fields can be used to record how the complaint is progressing ie what stage it has reached and what the outcome was. Status could be Open, Closed Satisfactorily, or Closed Unsatisfied. Outcomes could be Referred to Board, Moved Department, Changed Line Manager etc.

The main purpose of analysing the grievance is to help progress the complaint and to analyse for complaint patterns. The query tool will allow you to create flexible reports of your data. For example, list all racial discrimination complaints in the past year, all outstanding complaint needing an action by the end of the month, all complaints associated with a particular line manager, all serious complaints which were not resolved satisfactorily, etc.