System Functions

This allows a Workflow to start a common system function. Warning – many of these features require an in depth knowledge of the application and Function Configuration

  • BACS Processing – Produces the BACS report.
  • Block Days – Allows the Workflow to Block book an absence period.
  • Calculation – Allows the Workflow to run a calculation with the parameters provided (contact us for further details here).
  • Command Line Execution – Allows for certain procedures, that rely on a command line program, to be executed. This feature is seldom used in the modern software versions.
  • Data Extract – Allows for extraction of data from the system.
  • Data Purge – Allows the removal of data that meet a qualifying query.
  • Defined Import – Automated the defined import procedure found in the System > Authorisation Center area of the application.
  • Disbursement BACS – Processes the BACS payments for 3rd party entities.
  • Execute Custom SQL – Allows an SQL script to be executed – Warning an SQL script can cause unexpected issues in your data!
  • General Ledger Journal Creation – As per description; automates the creation of the general ledger.
  • RTI EPS – Produces the EPS report.
  • RTI FPS – Produces the FPS reports.
  • Report Pack – Not currently in use.
  • Reset Start of Day – Allows the Workflow to trigger the Start of day procedure again.
  • Workflow review – Process any Workflows that may be waiting.