The menu bar at the top of the page offers the following choices.


Click this choice to view the home page of the information centre, which is this page.

Online Help

Log in to access the Online Help menu to navigate around the help system for the software.

Click Online Help in the menu bar at the top of the page. There are two choices in the menu: Help and How To.


Click this to view menus that provide topics about the modules in the software. The topics provide conceptual and reference help — about the windows, fields on windows, and wizards.

How To

Click this to view menus that provide procedural help topics about modules, functional areas or subjects. Use the information in a topic to find the steps you follow to perform a task.

Each page has a breadcrumb that tells you where it is located in the menu. For example, if you click the Queries menu, the breadcrumb near the top of the page looks like this:


If you are new to the software system, click Help, and then click Getting Started for some basic information to help you understand and start working with the system.

Technical Resources

Please log in first to access Technical Resources. If you need an account to access the site, click the Support button, and submit your request for a user account (include your email address in your request). The software’s Support Desk will create an account for you and you will be notified about your account details.

Click this choice to view three menus of technical information, about the software and the HR Portal.

Use the software menu to view topics that include the technical requirements for the system, installation and upgrade instructions, and release notes.

Use the HR Portal menu to view topics about how to set up and administer HR Portal.

Use the Implementation Aids menu to view topics that might be helpful when you implement the software.


Use the Training menu to view the training courses for the software and the HR Portal. The menu offers choices for the modules in the software, and the HR Portal.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or requests.

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Other Tools

Use this menu to use other tools.

Click Project Collaboration to log in to the Basecamp application.

Click TeamViewer to download the TeamViewer application.