Send letter threatening suspension to employee

Create a new Workflow Action to send a letter to the employee threatening suspension as the certificate hasn’t been returned.

Select New from the Workflow, Actions list.


Enter the following Action details.


Enter something explanatory like “Send letter threatening suspension to employee”.

Action Type

External Document.


The details we’ll need for the letter are in the Absence Entries table.

Performed By

We want this Workflow Action to be performed Automatically.

Action Date

The Workflow Action should be performed when triggered, so select Today, or leave the field empty which has the same effect as selecting Today.

Waiting Date

We want to give the employee 7 days to return the certificate before any further action. Select One Week From Today.


Creating an External Document requires a data source, in csv format, and document template, in Word format.

The System will use a Query to provide the data source before combining the data source with the Word template to deliver the required .docx or .pdf file.

Data Query

This field identifies the query employed to provide the data fields that will be merged with the document template.

An existing query can be selected from the dropdown box or a new query can be created using the … query wizard.

The Data Query does not require specific filter criteria, the system will use information from the triggering Process to determine the record fields to use in the merge.

Additional SQL Criteria

This field allows for the entry of complex SQL criteria where the standard query wizard cannot present the data fields required.

This is for use by Advanced users.

Data Source

This field refers to the temporary data source that will be generated from the Data Query.

The Data Source will be a temporary .csv file that will exist only for the execution of each merge action, after which it will be removed.

Input the file path and name.csv

Take note of this entry as it will be required when you first combine the Template and Data Source fields using the EDIT button.

Note: File paths and names should not contain any spaces and should not be local C: drive folders. Shared drives accessible by all system users should be employed for document merges. This applies to Data Source, Template and Create entries


This field refers to the Word document with the wording of the letter that will be merged with the data fields.

The template will need to be saved to an accessible shared drive before inputting the file path and name.docx here.


This field refers to the completed file that the merge action will output.

The file can be stored in an accessible shared drive, in which case enter the complete file path, name and type. Set the Document Store option to No when saving in a shared folder

The file can alternatively be sent straight to the system Document Store, in which case only the filename and type need be input here and the following Document Store option set to Yes

Input file type .pdf to create a pdf file or .doc to create a word file.

Ensure each merge action creates a unique filename by using system fields, for example suspension-threat-<EMP_ID>-<SEQ_ID>.doc


When checked will send the created file directly to the system printer.

Document Store 

Determines if the created file will be held in the Document Store


Following completion of all field settings press the Edit button.

Word will open the template document identified in the Template field.

Select the Mailings option from the Word toolbar to access the merge settings.

Select Use an existing list from the Select Recipients dropdown options

Input the file path and name.csv setup in the Data Source field.

The required data source fields now appear in the Insert Merge Fields dropdown.

Place the fields as required in you template

Save and close the document when your document is completed. Word will save the template back to the file path and name set in the Template field, now the template will retain the fields inserted.

Click OK to acknowledge that the csv source file will be discarded.

Select Save.

You will be asked “Do you want to create a Work Flow Process for this Action”.  As we have multiple actions within this process, we’ll select No and create the Work Flow Process later.

Select Close.

You’ll see the Action that you created in the list.

Next Step