Send letter threatening suspension to employee

Create a new Workflow Action to send a letter to the employee threatening suspension as the certificate hasn’t been returned.

Select New from the Workflow, Actions list.


Enter the following Action details.


Enter something explanatory like “Send letter threatening suspension to employee”.

Action Type

External Document.


The details we’ll need for the letter are in the Absence Entries table.

Performed By

We want this Workflow Action to be performed Automatically.

Action Date

The Workflow Action should be performed when triggered, so select Today, or leave the field empty which has the same effect as selecting Today.

Waiting Date

We want to give the employee 7 days to return the certificate before any further action. Select One Week From Today.


When creating an External Document type Action, you’ll need a data source and a letter in Word format that the system will add the employee specific data to.


This field refers to the Word document with the wording of the letter and any Field IDs associated with data required within the letter, such as employee name and address.

Select Fields to see the Field IDs for the employee specific data.

This is an example of a letter with the Field IDs inserted.

<FORENAME> <SURNAME><HOME_ADD_1><HOME_ADD_2><HOME_ADD_3><HOME_ADD_4><HOME_ADD_5><HOME_POST_CODE>Dear <FORENAME>Re: Sickness of <DURATION> days from <START_DATE> to <END_DATE>.Despite two requests we have yet to receive your sickness certificate for the period from <START_DATE> to <END_DATE>.It is imperative that we receive this certificate within the next 7 days to avoid disciplinary action.Yours sincerelyHR Department

You’ll need to known the name of this file and its location. This will be the Open file name.

Use (Attach)

The Create file and the Open file will be merged together to create the letter that can be sent to the employee.

You can use Field IDs in the file name to make the file name unique, for example C:suspension-threat-<EMP_ID>-<SEQ_ID>.doc

Register created document on the HR Record

Select Yes to attach the resulting file to the employees HR Record.  It can be viewed as an attachment on their main HR record screen or as an attachment to the Absence Record to which it applies.

Select Save.

You will be asked “Do you want to create a Work Flow Process for this Action”.  As we have multiple actions within this process, we’ll select No and create the Work Flow Process later.

Select Close.

You’ll see the Action that you created in the list.

Next Step